Our vision is to establish and grow a globally-strategic consulting business which enables others to realise their true potential.

Quadradix provides business and technology consulting services to small businesses, corporate clients, and not-for-profit organisations. Offering a range of services including business and technology strategy development, performance management, process improvement and market investigations, Quadradix assists its client to think strategically and operate effectively. Quadradix values lasting relationships with its clients, whether individual projects are of short or long-term duration.

Craig Harrison works with his clients to deliver robust technical solutions that are aligned with their strategy, enabling them to achieve their business goals. He has assisted with business, technology, operations and market research projects. Craig's experience includes 12 years electronics design and end-to-end product development for an OEM exporter, three years involvement with SMEs in operations and systems management, and four years IT consulting. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from Waikato University and an MBA from the University of Auckland. 
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Edelweiss Harrison works with her clients to ensure their business strategy is clearly communicated throughout their organisation by overseeing the development of strategy maps and KPI cascades. She has worked on all phases of business intelligence projects, including project definition, requirements gathering, report development, training and communications, and has project-managed multi-phase, multi-year systems implementations. She is fluent in English and Portuguese and proficient in Spanish. She holds a Bachelor's degree from Georgetown University and a Master of International Business from the University of Auckland.
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Craig and Edelweiss also use their business and technical skills to advise not-for-profit organisations involved in sustainable micro-business, community development and social justice.

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